A Reader Wonders If Brenda Walker Undercounts Immigrants From Terrorist-Supporting States
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From:  Brian Riordan

Re: Brenda Walker's Column: The Year In Multiculturalism: News From The Culture War

Walker's excellent column says that since 9/11,10,000 immigrants have entered the US from countries "designated as supporting terrorism"—perhaps the qualifying phrase makes it technically true, but isn't that misleading?

I read about at least 10,000 Somalis refugees being allowed in, and about another 7,000 Iraqi refugees.

Surely there must be even more when you count all the other countries—including ones from former Yugoslavia.

Many college students from Arab countries came in almost immediately after 9/11. How many of them have stayed, gotten jobs and received green cards and started on the infamous "path to citizenship"?

And I'm sure we have many times more than 10,000 entering from countries which may not be "designated", but which are certainly areas where terrorists and their sympathizers are abundant.

This is not meant as a criticism of Walker's article, but rather a suggestion that the problem may be worse than it seems.

I note that the tone of Walker's article is upbeat. But the recent victory of Mike Huckabee with his touch-back amnesty and record of bad mouthing people opposed to illegals, plus the rise from the dead of John McCain—not to mention the enthusiasm for the totally open-borders Democrat candidates—makes me rather depressed about the future for our side.

Brenda Walker replies: There are certainly more than 10,000 persons from hostile countries here. But the State Department has a list of terror-supporting nations, and there are various restrictions placed upon them as a matter of policy.

Yet our door remains open to persons from these dangerous countries, a fact that even the GAO has noticed. If Washington can limit economic assistance, it can certainly restrict immigration, particularly through the idiotic Visa Lottery. It would be an easy fix to add immigration to State's list, but the safety of Americans is not a matter of concern in DC.

My point is that, if even designated enemies may enter, then there are no safety precautions taken whatsoever.

I remain upbeat because the American people reject the failed ideology of multiculturalism — they don't want to be Mexifornicated or turned into enslaved Muslims. That fact is the best and the only hope that America will survive.

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