A Minnesota Reader Says The "Sewer Rats" —And Not Us—Are Winning
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From:  Elmer Barton (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: 2007 In Review: Immigration Patriots Demolish Treason Lobby "Sewer Rats" 

While it may give some of us an emotional boost to have seen the defeat of the 2007 amnesty efforts, in the real world the "Sewer Rats"—as Guzzardi labeled our enemies— continued to run up the score against us.

How so?

The number of immigrants, legal and illegal, continued to swell. The number of illegaleros who were expelled from the country was derisory. The redadas (deportations) made by ICE at a few locations were a public relations stunt.

What counts are the facts on the ground.

To continue with Guzzardi's sports analogy: the increased number of immigrants means that they are scoring against us, more or less at will. Everything else is just noise.

And the ethnic lobbyists will continue to push for amnesty until they get it. If they are delayed in their efforts, for a while, it makes no difference to them. The illegaleros will still be here, and more and more will continue to arrive.

We're losing and 2007, according to the real score, was a bad year for us.

Barton is a semi-retired investor living in Red Wing. He has been active in the Republican Party since he attended the 1960 Republican convention, and was once a GOP endorsed candidate for the Minnesota State Senate. He finds it increasingly difficult to identify with the party and supports Ron Paul

Joe Guzzardi comments: Barton makes a good point. But reversing the 40-year pattern of immigration insanity is no small feat. We have taken the first step by stymieing multiple amnesty efforts. Eliminating the prospect of amnesty makes the U.S. a less desirable destination for aliens. Although I didn't mention it in my column, we saw clear indications of self-deportation in 2007…another great achievement that bodes well for our future.

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