A Reader Wonders If A Balkan Bombing Suspect Is Also A Muslim
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From: A Reader [Email him]

Re: James Fulford's Blog item Accused Serbian Bomb Maker With House That May Go Boom At Any Moment Is Also A Naturalized US Citizen

James Fulford wrote "I think Mr. Jakubec will turn out to be not a terrorist"

While the media and law enforcement will likely want to spin it that way, I don't see why you think it would be surprising if he were a terrorist. The Ottoman Turks conquered Serbia (as they did the rest of the Balkans) for 500 years, until Serbia gained independence in 1878, and later Albanian Muslims took over the Kosovo region of Serbia in 1941 when Germany invaded Yugoslavia. Hence there are plenty of Muslim terrorists in Serbia, though they mostly concentrate on ethnic cleansing of Serbian Christians, which our media rarely speaks about. Mostly because it wouldn't be PC to do so, and because doing so might embarrass Bill Clinton.

The Turks weren't as thorough as the Arabs in completely erasing the indigenous culture, which is why Eastern European Muslims mostly retained European names—especially if they were, as this guy was, born before the Saudis started heavily propagandizing the region in the 1990s.

James Fulford writes: I'm aware of the history of Muslims in the Balkans, although not as aware as they are over at Chronicles Magazine, and it's just a guess on my part that a man with the Christian name of George is likely to be a Balkan Christian—I could easily be wrong.

But when you consider that, as Lawrence Auster points out, that many, many news stories about the Portland Bomb plotter, whose name is Mohammed Mohamud, and who reportedly shouted "Allah Akbar" while pressing the trigger of what he thought was bomb, don't mention that he was a  Muslim, It's not likely that Jakubec's religion, if any, will  be mentioned in the Los Angeles Times.

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