A Reader Wonders If The Whole Country Will Fail "Survivor"
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From: Freddie [Email him]

Re: Survivor 21, (Nicaraguan Coast)

I would not normally do either of the following: 1) admit I watch some trash-TV programs, or 2) bedevil the VDARE editors with social commentary. Nonetheless, I will admit I watch "Survivor"—many red-blooded males do—and this past week's episode provided one of the most starkly alarming incidents I have seen in many a year. It really amounted to a microcosmic view of this country's future.

While the group of competitors (who, it may be assumed, are fairly typical Americans) [VDARE.com note: White Americans, that is—this is not a story about race and IQ.] was on another part of the Nicaraguan coast, competing, they left their campfire going. Now this alone is not alarming. That they left it tightly bracketed on three sides by wooden boxes, containing all they possessed of value, is. After three or four hours, they returned, only to find that the fire (perhaps out of boredom) had consumed their three treasure-chests (containing clothes, all their food and tools, etc.).

EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM professed consternation and shock. How could this have happened? How could wooden boxes, placed within inches of a roaring fire, have been burned up?

Why do I comment upon this seemingly-trivial event? Oh, no particular reason—other than it speaks volumes about what this country has to look forward to...

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