A Reader, Wintering In California, Can't Find One Construction Worker Who Speaks English
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Re Brenda Walker's blog item Wretched Jobs Report (with No Mention of Immigrant Workers)

From An Anonymous Reader: [Email him]

I just bought a winter home in Indio, CA. in a Del Webb gated community called Sun City, Shadow Hills (the last part being a section of the Coachella valley). The Case-Shiller index of home prices notwithstanding, Del Webb, a subsidiary of Pulte, continues to expand this development in all directions. I had plenty of time to walk around the new sections and listen to the construction workers on the home sites.

There is no English being spoken by any of them. Period.

This sort of work is much more highly paid than picking fruit, or it used to be. But, despite all the unemployed Americans, Pulte still apparently prefers foreigners.

The legal status of these workers? Who knows? Does Pulte care? CEO Richard Dugas, whose compensation last year exceeded $6 million, might want to start an affirmative action program for Americans.

Or would Pulte attorneys tell him that's forbidden by the 1964 Civil Rights Act?

Our reader made no request for anonymity, but VDARE.com considers the possibility of some kind of retaliation (whether corporate, activist, or directly by illegal aliens, assuming someone tells them) too high.

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