An Alaskan Reader On The Massive Mexican Consulate In Anchorage
June 04, 2011, 05:00 AM
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Re: Allan Wall`s article Mexico Kicks Out Our Ambassador—Can We Kick Out Mexico`s Meddling Ambassador Sarukhan?

From: Ryan Kennedy (e-mail him)

Allan Wall`s column reminded me of the Mexican consulate in Alaska. Three year ago they opened one here in Anchorage. To my mind, it`s huge for a consulate. It`s in this building and they repainted in to look like an adobe mission or something (pic below) with huge lettering on the facade and a big Mexican flag flying above the street on one of the busiest streets in Alaska`s largest city. So tons of drivers pass under this flag everyday. It`s clear they wanted to be as conspicuous as possible.

To my mind it is way over-sized for its mission. I mean, Alaska has its share of Mexicans but does it really need this much floor space? Of course Alaska isn`t a border state, so not a lot of trade going on. Most of Alaska`s foreign trade (fish and coal) is with Korea and Japan. I couldn`t even tell you where their respective consulates are. So what`s going on here? It fits in with the apparent Mexican diplomatic corps policy of being as in-your-face as possible.

I think these links give some hints: