A Reader In Costa Rica Wonders "What's Going On" Back Home In America?
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From: Ross F. Carroll (e-mail him)

What's going on in America when it comes to illegal immigration?

I recently read an article in which Danbury, CT Police Chief Alan Baker gave advice to illegal aliens driving in his city: [Danbury Police Chief Meets With Immigrant Community Leaders, By John Pirro, Danbury News-Times, February 8, 2008, pay archive, reader comments here.]

Said Baker (contact information here):

"Just try to follow the laws, do not take unnecessary risks, like driving downtown without a license. Police officers are very understanding in emergencies, but if you get stopped, your name will be run through the database."

How nice it is that the friendly Danbury police chief is so helpful to people that are already breaking the law by residing in the U.S. illegally!

Nothing like advising criminals on how to avoid the law's long arm.

And I would think that any law enforcement professional would believe that driving anywhere "without a license" is already against the law, not just during a jaunt "downtown."

Given Baker's approach to law enforcement, it's not surprising that Danbury has degenerated to the point of mayhem.

The next time I travel to Danbury, I'll heed Chief Baker's advice and "try to follow the laws."

If only Baker would do the same—by carrying out the sworn duties of his office!

Carroll is from Ohio. He works in the Information Technology sector.

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