A Reader Wants To Know If We're Making Progress
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 Re: Paul Nachman’s blog item Protest The Refugee/Asylee Scandal That Produced The Boston Bombers—Tell The State Department To Stop The Insanity!

From A Loyal Reader and Modest Donor [Email him]

A few months ago there was a push to reduce the number of refugees by attending a hearing held by the State Department.

VDARE.com reported that "our voice was heard."

Brenda Walker also reported there were 200,000 Iraqi Refugees in the US. This got me wondering, have we reduced the numbers of refugees? Are we making progress on this front? Can we measure our efforts?

James Fulford writes: Because the patriotic immigration reform has been forced on the defensive for some time, it's sometimes difficult to measure actual progress. What's not hard to measure is what happens when we let up for even a moment.

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