A Reader Says That It's The Way Society Changes To Accomodate Muslim Immigration That's The Threat
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Re: Martin Witkerk's article The “Myth” Of The Muslim Tide—Is Eurabia Inevitable?

From: A Reader Concerned  About Freedom [Email him]

While the statistics may indicate that we are perhaps getting a little ahead of ourselves with premature panic concerning the rising tide of Muslim migration, the facts on the ground tell a different story.

The rapid growth of Muslims in the West has caused  far greater, perhaps irreparable damage than their mere numbers. I'm speaking of the change in laws that alter our body politic. Every Western country has introduced hate speech laws (not necessarily because of Muslims), regulations concerning dietary changes in our society to halal only practices and, of course, the ongoing debate over the fashion peculiarities of Muslim women.

Western elites are forcing the rest of us to accommodate these newcomers in ways that a generation ago would have seemed ludicrous. Because of their presence, we are changing our way of life voluntarily.

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