A Reader Doesn’t Think The “White Widow” Is Guilty, Our Point Is That She’s CALLED The White Widow, Unlike All Black Terror Suspects
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Re: James Fulford’s post Two White People In The News, Identified By Race

From: D McGrath, UK  [Email him]

Samantha Lewthwaite Samantha Lewthwaite [the so-called “white widow”, pictured right] has only been identified as a suspect by a compatriot of the Somali Terror Squad!

She is named Amina Mohamed the current Kenyan Foreign Minister. [Nairobi attack: UK woman and Americans 'among militants', BBC, September 24, 2013]She is a Somali born in Kenya. Her desperation to pin  the Bombing on a British (white British) mastermind is almost comical.

It's perfectly deflected blame for the attack from Somalis and redirected it at white devils as the culprit. It's a bravura white guilt performance by this shyster politician and a complicit western press corps. 

If I were a Somali pirate, why would I involve a hunted (by MI6, the  CIA, and the KGB) woman in my plans? 

James Fulford writes: I don't know if you're right, although it's fascinating to hear that the Kenyans have Somali ministers, but that' wasn't the point of my blog item.

The point was that the media will SAY that Ms.  Lewthwaite is a White Widow, which is not something they'd say if she was black—like the Washington Snipers, or of course most Somalis.

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