A Reader Thinks That Muslim Influence In Congress Is The Least Of Our Problems
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 Re: James Fulford’s articles  Michele Bachmann Is Right. The GOP Leadership Are Wimps. Ed Rollins Is A Weasel.

An Anonymous (For His Own Good) Reader [Email him]

I've read James Fulford’s articles on and off for years.  I've always liked them even if I wasn't completely on board.  But what's with his  view of a deep Islamic penetration of Washington?  On its face, this thesis is absolutely ridiculous.

As you've probably observed, the Arab (and Persian) worlds are at virtual war with Israel.  But it is Israel that is clamoring for war, not the reverse.

Have you ever stopped to consider the amount of influence that that nation's lobby has in Washington and elsewhere?  Have American Jews been hoodwinked by all the Muslims in senior positions on various committees and subcommittees in the House and Senate?  I don't think so.  Why?  Because they're not there.  American Jews are.  Compare the top Jews in the House and Senate to the paltry number of Muslims (?) there.  Any names come to mind?

How about the major donors to both major Parties?  The SuperPacs?  They're not Muslim, let me assure you.

What about the levels of US support given Israel vs its local adversaries?  Anything revealing there?

How about the ratio to Jews to Muslims on the US Supreme court?—(or teaching law or practicing law in the US)

Who controls the biggest newspapers in the US?—And the networks?  Movie studios?  Muslims?  Nope.  The friends of Israel do.

Your thesis is completely disconnected from anything approaching reality. 

Perhaps it's time for you to take up the study of UFOs.

James Fulford writes: The writer has completely missed the point of my column. It’s Michele Bachmann and Frank Gaffney who are worried about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration and NRO’s Andy McCarthy who has has details of Huma Abedin’s connections, but as I said my own column, I don’t care. 

What’s I said was “The real loyalty risks in this story aren’t Muslims, they’re Republicans—McCain, Boehner, Sensenbrenner, et al. Those are the people who can’t be trusted.”

I also said that “The loyalty or otherwise of Huma Abedin may not do much harm to America.

The treachery, cowardice and stupidity of the top Republicans, including Mitt Romney, will do a lot more.”

The problem is not the level of Muslim influence in Washington (and there is some—see Huma Abedin and the Saudi Lobby, and the photo here of George W. Bush literally holding hands with King Abdullah) the problem is that senior Republicans have allowed their brains to be so colonized by political correctness that national security is endangered.


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