A Florida Reader Notes An “Ironic” MSM Story About Illegal Immigration
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From: A Florida Reader [Email him]

In case you missed it, here is an unusually honest and ironic article on immigration and its effects by the Christian Science Monitor. 

India riots: Illegal immigration is behind deadly clashes in Assam

At least 45 people have been killed in ethnic clashes between tribesmen and Muslims that started over the weekend in Assam State in northeast India, according to police.

By Anu Anand,  July 25, 2012

James Fulford writes: What’s ironic, of course, is not that foreign countries have illegal immigration problems, or different ways of dealing with them, we all know that, but that the American press has a different way of reporting them. If such clashes occurred in an American city—and they might yet—they would be reported not as having been caused by illegal immigration, but by nativism.

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