A Reader Thanks Us For Bringing Illegals` Litigious Activities To Light
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01/11/07 - A Reader Reports On Globalization In Lexington, NC

Re: Diversity Is Strength: It's Also…Illegals Invoking the Law

From: A Woman Reader Somewhere In Texas

Thank you for bringing to light another slap in the pocketbook to law-abiding citizens. If we ever have anyone in Washington who truly wanted to fix the mess the last several administrations have put us in, they would spend their time entirely on this devastating problem. But...isn't it about time that some president just might want to put the welfare of his own citizens before that of big business, anti-American organizations (ACLU, La Raza, LULAC, etc.), foreign leaders and the illegals themselves?

Thanks again for letting us in on another scam by illegals. Isn't it strange that they learn these schemes so quickly but can't seem to master English? Guess we've got to accommodate them—a billboard, not a half mile away from my apartment is all in Spanish!

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