That LA-MX Billboard: The Rest Of The Story
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You've probably seen a picture of that "Los Angeles, Mexico" billboard for Spanish-language television station KRCA. Now, even Gov. Schwarzenegger has called for it to come down, saying it's "divisive" and promotes illegal immigration. [See counter-billboard here.]

It won't come as any surprise to VDARE.COM readers that KRCA-TV is owned by Liberman Broadcasting.

Last September, in "'Win The Green'—Lose The Red, White, And Blue?" VDARE.COM’s Bryanna Bevens roasted Liberman Broadcasting for its reality TV game in which illegal immigrants competed for lawyers' help in getting green cards.

Then I pointed out in "What's Spanish for 'Chutzpah?'" that Liberman had long been notorious for winning one of the most absurd affirmative action tax breaks of all time. It had persuaded the federal government to declare it a Hispanic-owned firm—even thought the owner had been born in Poland. His family was expelled from Spain in 1492.

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