A Reader Suggests We Expand To Replace NATIONAL REVIEW—We'd Need Your Help For That
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Re: Steve Sailer’s blog post POLITICO: Whither GOP Intellectuals?

From: Jesse Mossman [Email him]

I used to read RedState regularly but stopped due to their constant attacks on Trump. But today I decided to see what they were up to. Frankly, I was shocked at how far they have fallen—almost nothing but hate-Trump pieces all over the page.

It rather reminded me of the moment in The Shining when Jack Nicholson's wife discovered that all the pages of the book he was writing consisted of the same phrase over and over again—a stunning revelation of mental pathology.

Of course we have seen the same devolution in Glenn Beck—but then his sanity always seemed to be hanging by a thread.

I suspect (and hope) that the anti-Trump fanatics—including some talk radio hosts—will find that, rather than harming Trump, they have instead lost their audience. I believe the future belongs to populist nationalists such as Trump.

I hope the readership of VDare.com is growing.

I was thinking about Steve Sailer’s suggestion that “Perhaps the GOP needs some new intellectuals”.

Really, who wants to read that mummy Krauthammer? Or George Will—who always reminded me of a prissy constipated librarian? Will lost me decades ago when he wrote that we are undertaxed.

Perhaps it is time for an expanded VDare.com or a spinoff site which will fill the gap left by a fading National Review, RedState, etc.? A expanded or spinoff VDare.com would deal with more than immigration—it would be a vehicle for writers with a vision of the new Nationalist/Populist movement which Trump seems to be creating.

Of course VDare.com has already been doing this for years—even I always tried to slip something about trade in when I wrote about immigration. But I'm thinking about a full-fledged replacement for National Review—something to provide an intellectual framework for the new movement—and revenge for the purged National Review writers!

I wonder if Trump reads VDare.com—because it could have inspired his campaign.

I think Trump is going to make it and it would be nice to know if VDare.com has influenced him.

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James Fulford writes: If we're going to expand to level, we're going to need a lot of donations from our readers.

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