A Reader Reports Repeatedly Being Banned From Commenting—By Leftists Who Began The Abuse
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Re: James Fulford's post Comments At The GUARDIAN Reveal Their Ten Worst, Most Hateful Writers (Women And Minorities) And Their Ten Most Rational, Unobjectionable Writers (White Males)

From: Mitchell Day [Email Him]

Having been banned from commenting by the likes of Amazon, The Nation, News Views and most recently "History" "News" Network for "inappropriate" comments I can state categorically that in every case the leftists I debated began the abuse first!

That the whole point was to harass me for questioning their narrative. In every case there were multiple deletions of my posts or hiding of my posts so that only I could see them or lining through the text of my posts. (the last two happen to me all the time on YouTube although they haven't banned me ...yet!) All the while virtually nothing happens to the leftist posts even though they say the vilest and most outrageously dishonest things! I know what you’re thinking. Thanks for telling us about the force of gravity!

Freedom of speech! It's a great idea. Too bad it doesn't exist in the MSM!


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