A Reader Suggests That Immigrant Labor Can Be Replaced By Workfare
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Re: Alan Wall’s Memo From Middle America| “Oceanside Couple” With Mexican Sex Slave Also Immigrants— How Come MSM Didn’t Say?

From: GR [Email him]

This illegal immigrant former sex slave is suing for two reasons

  • money via a lawsuit
  • legal residency in America—she will be here to testify and odds are she will figure out a way to stay here (legally) afterwards. With lawyers’ help ,of course since she is illiterate in two languages (English Spanish. You can get legal residency here if you are an exploited sex worker. The feminists in DC saw to that absurdity

As for the couple who exploited her, I would not be surprised if they were illegal aliens at the time they did these crimes, 10 years ago. If convicted they (hopefully) get the boot! [VDARE.com note: Not if they've achieved citizenship! Once an immigrant acquires citizenship, they can never be deported. See Afroyim vs. Rusk  (1967)]

Allan Wall is correct. We don't need legal or illegal immigrants like these three.

It boggles my mind that there has not been more popular pressure to throw out illegals during these lousy economic times. The American people are comatose due to all the junk food and drugs (legal and illegal). The big leftist FDR threw out 1-2 million Mexicans during the Great Depression to free up jobs for American citizens

In my ideal world, we would take the poor in the cities who  are getting government benefits. Put them on buses out to the farms to pick crops one week a month or a few days each week. You get a check—you must go pick lettuce or apples. Millions would scoot off the food stamp and welfare rolls. From the unemployment insurance rolls etc, etc.

Because the brutal truth is we don't need any more illiterate uneducated immigrants, be they legal or illegal. We have not needed them for years and years, because our economy is going hi-tech, not low-tech. Even young lawyers have a tough time these days due to so much of the grunt work being outsourced to India via the internet. Medical transcription too.

When a steel plant opens up here, it only needs 25% the workers it would have in 1980. Why? Computerization and automation

I think most of the uneducated Third World immigrants get involved in the "immigrant economy". So Juan X gets here illegally from Mexico and works in his (legal) cousin's bodega in Washington Heights, NYC, where only immigrants and their offspring shop

So of course these uneducated immigrants (legal and legal) help the GDP go up—same as if we magically transported half of Bangladesh here along with their houses, farms and livestock, But Americans don't benefit at all.

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