A Reader Says VDARE.COM Does Good Work…But Our Website Is A "Total Mess"
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03/08/08 - Saturday Forum: A New York Lawyer Says Duncan Hunter And Tom Tancredo Lacked The "Political And Rhetorical Skills" To Win; etc.

From: George Culver (e-mail him)

VDARE.COM has great content but the over-abundance of blue, underlined links makes the articles difficult to read.

Your home page is a nightmare to the eyes—a total mess.

I suggest you cut way back on the links, keep the text all black and put the footnoted links at the bottom of the column.

The columns are interesting, informative and well written. Keep up the good work.

But, please try to clean up your site.

Peter Brimelow responds: Many thanks to reader Culver. It's a dilemma because we find the links drive traffic to the rest of the site.

What we need is a complete redesign. That requires time and money, both in short supply, alas.

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