A Reader Says Republicans Are No Longer Conservative
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03/03/07 - A Reader Says To Ted Kennedy "You First"

From: Laurence

Republicans and Conservatives at one time were considered two heads on the same political animal. No more.

True Conservatives now ardently oppose what the majority of Republicans now support: amnesty for illegals, Mexican trucks on already overcrowded highways, anchor babies, outsourcing of U.S. jobs, token enforcement of immigration laws and all the unwanted rest that the vast majority of Americans vehemently oppose. So now it can safely be said that thanks to Bush et al representative government is a quaint artifact of the past. And Conservatives  don't like what Bush and Ted Kennedy like, but most Republicans apparently do.

James Fulford writes: Depends on what the meaning of "Republican" is, to paraphrase a famous Democrat. If by Republican you mean people like Karl Rove, Grover Norquist, most of the employees of National Review, and the Senate Judiciary Committee, yes. If by Republican you meant the people who vote Republican, no.

Mass immigration is rejected by 70 percent or more of Americans. As such, it doesn't even command a majority of Democratic voters, let alone Republicans. For the reason why it's still going on, see the definition of "bipartisanship" here. VDARE.com is non-partisan, which is to say impartial, and many impartial observers think that the political class's bipartisan support for mass immigration will eventually  produce something like a third party.

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