A Reader Says That The US Government Doesn't Give Illegals The Same Rights As American—It Gives Them MORE Rights!
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Re: A Veteran Says The Real Culprit In The Immigrant Invasion Is Our Own Government  

From: Jesse Mossman [Email him]

I certainly agree with letter writer Richard Allen that, contrary to its duty to protect our country, our government is instead importing our enemies. After his service to protect our freedom he must feel especially betrayed.

For example, our government has imported thousands of Somali Muslims who cheer terrorist acts against us, promote Sharia, destroy towns by overwhelming the welfare system, and even participate in the Jihad against "infidels."

Meanwhile, millions of Mexicans and other Hispanics have illegally invaded and our government has looked the other way. Mostly Mexican Hispanics consume more government resources than they pay for in taxes, lag behind in education and income for generations, are 60% or more of the gang members in Los Angeles (and probably elsewhere), kill thousands with their macho drunk driving, drive down American wages or outright take American jobs, create high crime slums in our towns and cities, carry contagious diseases, and frequently express their gratitude to their new home by advocating Reconquista. 

Then there are the Chinesethat "model minority" which frequently does so well in school and financially. But how many of these Chinese immigrants are loyal to the U.S. versus their fatherland? There are thousands of Chinese firms in our country which are dedicated to stealing U.S. secrets and technology for the benefit of China. Individual Chinese employees and thousands of college students do the same.

Finally, the majority of individuals in all immigrants groups (with a few exceptions, like older Cubans) have no interest in preserving traditional American valuesincluding individual libertybut vote overwhelming for socialism and statism. Even the upper income Asians cannot resist voting for government handouts and restricted freedom.

But where I disagree with Mr. Allen is when he says that our government "puts them on equal footing with US citizens." If only that were true. Instead the majority of immigrants qualify for affirmative action which puts them ABOVE most American citizens.  

Furthermore, Attorney General Eric "my people" Holder—who has turned the Department of Justice into the Department of Injustice—had plainly stated that hate crime laws will not protect white Americans, but as most immigrants are now "minorities", the laws will make them a protected class. Hate crimes against whites are generally ignored while fake white hate crimes are a growing industry .

So while Richard Allen is right about our government betraying us, it is even worse than he says.

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