A Reader Says Rubio As VP Would Have Been A Major Disaster—But Ryan Is At Least A Minor One
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Re: Washington Watcher's article Look On The Bright Side—We Dodged A Bullet When Romney Passed Over Rubio For VP

From: An New Anonymous Reader [Email him]

After Romney chose Paul Ryan, I came across a February 2012 article by “Café Con Leche Republicans.” For the life of me, I cannot find that article todayperhaps it has been “scrubbed.”

But I did save some text from that article:

“…However, some conservatives might be surprised to hear that Paul Ryan is a strong advocate of immigration reform. He sponsored the House version of the comprehensive immigration reform bill back in 2005, and is a strong support of guest worker programs, as well. His pro-immigration voting record has even made him a target of the racist, faux-conservative publication VDare; as soon as his star began to rise, VDARE published an article castigating Ryan for having the 5th worst rating of all congressional Republicans from NumbersUSA, the eugenics-inspired anti-immigrant group run by a gaggle of abortion-providers. Of course, authentic movement conservatives should view attacks from NumbersUSA as a badge of honor. Progressive population control policies have no place in conservatism or the Republican Party. Paul Ryan gets this, and he has my respect for his willingness to offer conservative solutions to immigration issues.”

I agree that Marco Rubio would have been a disaster.

James Fulford writes: I found the article in question, it's Paul Ryan Deserves Conservative Praise, By Andy Kirchoff, February 9, 2012. “Café Con Leche Republicans" is run by a guy named Bob Quasius in Marshall, Minnesota, who's married to a Honduran immigrant woman and says he's the "sole non-Hispanic leader of CCLR".

I'm not sure what Kirchoff's claim to be Hispanic is, but considering that the Ambassador from Mexico is an Armenian, I suppose everybody is getting into the act. All links in the quote above are in the original, by the way, including the link to us, which is a link to Paul Ryan: "Common Ground" With Obama On Immigration? also by Washington Watcher.

The smear about eugenics and population control is a common one—see "Eugenics" Is What Happens When Cousins Don't Marry and WSJ smears; VDARE.COM cleans up for our answers. 


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