A Virginia Reader Says RINOs Like Romney And Bob Dole (90!) Are Betraying Their Party And Its Base
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From: Virginia Paleoconservative [Email him]

Bob Dole, who has one foot in the grave, pulled it out long enough to warn the GOP to “moderate out”:

“In a recent interview with The Wichita Eagle, Dole, who will be 90 in July, said he was concerned about the direction of the party, saying the GOP is “moving further and further to the right.”

“We need to build an inclusive party, not an exclusive party. We need to broaden the base with Latinos and blacks and young people — almost every group. We’re losing ground,” said former majority leader and GOP presidential nominee from Kansas.” [More]

Bob Dole to GOP: 'Compromise Is Not a Bad Word, by Melanie Batley, Newsmax, April 23, 2013

One would have hoped from an idealistic standpoint that Dole, who has all the status and money he will ever need, would go out fighting the most radical Left administration in American history! After all, what does he have to lose at this point in his life?

But instead, he is complaining the Republicans are moving too far to the right!? Where…Romney’s 2012 campaign, the GOP website, where?

Well, because Dole perceives himself to still be a “player” and mentions “Latinos” first in his little admonishment, then perhaps the fact that some Republicans are criticizing "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" is bothering him. Or at least bothered the person who contacted him to make his petty statements.

Not to be outdone, Mitt Romney, another GOP-moderate election disaster, is inviting the Bolshevik reincarnation David Axelrod along with RINOs, Democrats, and IT executives to a retreat titled “Experts and Enthusiasts”:

 Mitt Romney is planning a top-level political retreat in June, and he released a list on Tuesday that includes a surprising roster of speakers.

According to the Boston Globe, the speaker list includes President Barack Obama’s campaign advisor, David Axelrod, who helped Obama defeat Romney in the 2012 presidential election as well as Romney’s former running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

[Romney Goes Bipartisan With Summer Retreat,  By Courtney Coren, April 26, 2013]

Somehow, I suspect the preservation of American citizens' jobs is not an agenda item at this retreat.

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