A California Reader Points Out Sweden’s Problems With Gypsy Immigrants–And Hysteria Over Profiling
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From: Steve Smith [Email him]

A Swedish immigration fail: the Roma (Gypsies to you): Swedish Gypsy file brings racial profiling fears, By Malin Rising  Associated Press,  September 30, 2013, in which a police list of Gypsies, “created to help fight violent crime” prompts immediate Hitler references from local Gypsy Marcello Demeter, who is on “sick leave from his job at a supermarket”(=collecting benefits)  but looks fine in the photos. 

This Swedish immigration fail is actually a wild success for Lawyer-Socialists, they win with bigger government and more external debt, and they win with "ethnic" litigation collecting from both the prosecution and defense.  

I wonder how much Marcello Demeter and his clan have cost the Swedes so far? 

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