A Reader Says That Immigration Foes Should Ask Themselves A Hard Question
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From: Eric Hilf [e-mail him]

Re: Kevin Carter's Column: Immigration Genie Out Of Bottle At CPAC Conference

Sorry, but regarding the National Question, I'm having trouble seeing how he immigration "genie" is "out of the bottle" if, as Carter reports, so-called immigration restrictionists are still having trouble dealing unsqueamishly with the race/ethnicity aspect of the immigration crisis.

And by immigration I mean legal as well as illegal immigration.

Have they asked themselves this question: Does America have a national identity as a majority white nation? Think of the Founding Fathers.

If so, is this national identity worth preserving? People ought to be asked these questions, and politicians especially ought to be forced to answer them, even if it makes them uncomfortable.

If open border enthusiasts like radical leftist Max Blumenthal are the ones who bring them to these issues to the forefront, albeit accompanied by all the usual derogatory innuendo, so be it

Incidentally, and in the spirit of previous work on VDARE.COM, I'm wondering what the demographic profile of Blumenthal's home area is. In particular, for example, does his local police department have a gang task force or are there any bad schools in his neighborhood?

Hilf's previous letter to VDARE.COM is here.

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