A Reader Says That Illegals Are Doing The Jobs That Americans Do Much Better
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Re: A Texas Reader Tells About Jobs Americans "Will Do"

From: Rod Reese, Houston, Texas

The writer is right on.

I get tired of hearing "nothing will get built without them." Not true and everything they do looks crappy in short time. I own a land surveying company and see subdivisions being thrown up by thousands of illegal workers. Within no time at all things that have been sloppily nailed together are peeling off. The houses frequently need paint within months, due to microthin or watered down paint applications. Its rare to see drywall that doesn't have obvious tape and float issues. The switchplates are often askew, no effort to make them square, same with stairs etc. All that matters to the builder is that it is still standing on the day of closing.

And why are the kitchens of the best restaurants in every American city filled with illegals? So Emeril Lagasse can fly somewhere else to get his face on TV or buy a bigger house? The idea that these restaurants would not survive without the cheap and illegal labor is an absolute farce. The "need them" arguments are devoid of honesty.

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