A Reader Says "Immigration Si, Colonization, NO!"
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06/03/07 - A Reader Says That Illegals Are Doing The Jobs That Americans Do Much Better

From: Robert Moffett [email  him]

I think if Americans stop using the words "illegal immigration" and substitute the word "colonization", their arguments against race-baiting ethnic lobbyists and big business whores will be made a lot more formidable.

I am not against low-volume controlled immigration. And, while I am against illegal immigration on many points of principle, I can understand why illegals would come.

However, what I am 100 percent against, and am willing to die to prevent, is the plain and simple colonization of my country by persons who have no desire to assimilate, accept our values and customs, learn our language and adopt our country as their own above all others.

If immigrants wish to come here, as millions of immigrants before them have done, and become Americans, then God Bless them.

If they want to create their own country inside of mine, that is colonization.

Open border advocates always take the moral high ground. We are a nation of immigrants, don't ya know?

When arguments against illegal immigration are successful, the opponent changes the argument from illegal immigration to immigration, as if there is no difference. Voila!

In short order, the opponent, sensing they are losing, uses the R word.—"Racist."  Or "Xenophobe" or "nativist."

By name-calling, they hope to stop the argument. I can still win, but it is costly as I am now labeled all sorts of terrible names.

However, I have recently noticed if I frame my argument not as being against illegal immigration, but against "colonization", the high ground is lost to my opponent.

We only have to bring up President Fox giving speeches that Mexicans should never assimilate, but should always continue to speak Spanish, vote in Mexican elections and raise their children as Mexican.

We only have to talk about how a foreign country is telling all of its poorest citizens to immigrate to the USA and gives them literature on how they can immediately take advantage of our health, education and welfare benefits

Do not argue anti-immigration, argue colonization and let your opponent prove how we are not being overrun by citizens of other countries that do not want to become Americans, but to use us to create their own country in ours.

Why should our country not have immigration laws that are as well-written and enforced as our neighbors? Why is it shameful to protect our borders when other countries patrol their borders vigorously?

I have nothing against Canada, Mexico, Malaysia or England or any other country in the world. But I have no dual passport, I only have one country. I want to live in America.

Si, immigration.  No, Colonization

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