A Texas Reader Tells About Jobs Americans "Will Do"
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From: [Name Withheld In Texas]

Here is the difference between Americans who do labor intensive jobs and illegal aliens who do the same work but without the attention to detail.

My parents had their 1940s-era home painted. The trim needed to be sanded before the new coat of paint could be applied.

My father specifically asked the contractor for "non-illegal" workers knowing that the house painting industry in Texas is full of them.

As a result we got a father-son team who did the job right and took the trim all the way down to the bare wood. In addition, the grandfather, a retired 30-year U.S. Marine Corps veteran of both Korea and Vietnam, volunteered some of his time to help.

The college-aged son told me that had my father not asked for "non-illegals," he never would have gotten them because the painting contractor never gives the big jobs to Caucasians. Instead, he hires illegals who do things quickly and, to use his word, "efficiently".

Because of the praise they received from my father, the American father and son painting team have been awarded two more "big" jobs.

They did the job right, took their time, got praised for their work and now have a fighting chance against their illegal competition.

My advice: ask for American workers and praise them when they do a solid job.
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