A Reader Says That if You Think Romney’s Amnesty Assent Is Bad, His Plans For Legal Immigration Are Worse
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From: A Concerned Reader [Email him]

I’d like to thank Patrick Cleburne for his contributions to VDARE.com, the best news site on the Web.

I'm concerned all this proposed amnesty coverage is overlooking even more insane elements of Romney's immigration "plans." Firstly, he wants to INCREASE chain migration via removal of caps on immediately family of green card holders, and secondly, his absurd plan to give green cards to anyone who earns a STEM degree in America.

Regarding the latter group, I do volunteer work with hundreds of such internationals on a weekly basis. By and large, they seem a nice lot. Bright, positive, friendly kids. But the idea that even a tiny percentage of them would "create" jobs in America if only "they'd be allowed to stay" is utterly foolish. 99.9% would just get in line for one of the scarce STEM jobs already out there just like their American counterparts.

America is finished. The nation my grandfathers fought for in WWII, and my father in Vietnam, has killed itself.

James Fulford writes: Mitt Romney repeated his offer to “staple a green card to the diploma of someone who gets an advanced degree in America” in his speech to NALEO. As Federale pointed out, his policy proposals indicated that he doesn’t seem to understand America’s immigration law as it now stands.

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