A Pennsylvania Reader Is So Enraged With Romney's Obamnesty Cowardice That He'll Stay Home On Election Day
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Re: The Fulford File | Romney May Have Lost The Election By Rolling Over For Obama's Illegal Amnesty

From: A Reader In State College, PA [Email him]

James Fulford wrote

"Romney could have won the election today. Instead, he may have lost it."

I haven't heard this succinct verity from any of the Republican shills on talk radio or anywhere else.  But it is a FACT as applies to me.  I WILL NOT VOTE FOR ROMNEY NOW BUT WILL STAY HOME.  It was already obvious that he was as wretched an establishmentarian as the worthless primaries could have come up with and now he proves himself worse than that.  I intended to drag myself to the polls but my decision to vote at all has been clarified.

So complete is my despair for the Republican Party and America in general that the hell that must descend is better to descend now upon Barack Obama and the Democrats with the distant hope that the prospect of ethnostates being carved out of this ruined nation may result.

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