A Reader Reports Being Purged
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03/04/07 - A Reader Says Republicans Are No Longer Conservative

From: Chris Roach [Email]

Greetings from the paleoconservative blogosphere.  I have an all-too-familiar paleoconservative story:  I've been Sobran-ized from America 's Future Foundation.

Some background:  I was invited three years ago to be one of the resident bloggers at America 's Future Foundation.  Blogging is purely a hobby; I have been employed in the private sector throughout this time.  I have blogged there for three years on a wide variety of issues:  immigration, the war in Iraq , the decline of the culture, foreign policy, and other issues familiar to paleoconservatives.  I have produced over 1,000 blog entries and have received a significant share of visitors, including through links from Google searches to my archives.

I was unceremoniously dumped from AFF's hosting by its President, David Kirby, [Send him mail] early on the week of 27 February.  I have never met him before.   

Specifically, comments inspired by the Knoxville Double Murder (available here in the comment section of Daniel Larison's blog) were considered too much.  In Kirby's words, "AFF's mission is to host debate on conservative and libertarian ideas. But there's no place in AFF's mission to provide space for someone who posts comments and content like this."  This is an explanation worthy of Washington D.C. , the surprising home town of choice for many libertarians.  I tarry on now independent of any chilling effect from the editorial control of AFF or anyone else.  (AFF to its credit never previously censored me or otherwise had much contact with me throughout my three-year tenure with that organization.  This is one of the many reasons this turn of events caught me by surprise.)

I'd appreciate visits, advice, support, and help with Movable Type from anyone who can help me with formatting the new blog.  I can be reached by email here.  And the new URL is http://www.mansizedtarget.com.

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