A Reader Says Let Boot's Foreign Legion Stay Foreign
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March 02, 2005

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A Reader Remembers Manicures—And "Madge"

From: John McCarthy

Recently Neoconservative Max Boot in a LA Times article proposed that the United States develop a kind of Foreign Legion to fight along side or in place of our armed forces around the world.[ Uncle Sam Wants Tu February 24, 2005]

He claims that Americans are unwilling to join the armed forces in sufficient numbers to accomplish America's global strategy and that the draft remains politically unacceptable. To implement his proposal, he recommended recruiting stations be set up globally.

Well, forget those recruiting stations. From now on every male age 17 to 39 who enters the country illegally or overstays his visa will be considered a willing volunteer for the Iraqi Army for a five year term.

President Bush says these good people come here to do the jobs that Americans are unwilling to do. He can now think globally. These willing volunteers will be doing the jobs not only Americans don't want to do, they can also do the jobs Iraqi citizens don't want to do. Intercept 500,000 volunteers a year at the border and conservatively, within 5 years at 2,500,000 men, the Iraqi Army will be up to any challenge.

Additionally, after reading Michelle Malkin's column on immigrant gangs today, we have the additional benefit of not even having to train them. Take MS-13 and let them fight as a unit.

In deference to Mr. Boot's future aims and based on present illegal immigrant statistics, we should have enough willing volunteers to fill Iran's, North Korea's and Syria's future armies also.

In fairness to these willing volunteers who will be flooding to our borders to enlist, after five years of service they will receive full Iraqi citizenship (or Syrian, Iranian, North Korean, etc.). Additionally we will provide them with family reunification and all its citizenship benefits.

Implementing Mr. Boot's plan combined with this modest proposal will see the fruits of both President Bush's Amnesty Plan and the Global War on Terror and/or for Democracy come to pass.

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