A Reader In Nebraska Says Local Black Pols Want A State Holiday For Malcolm X
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Earlier, September 2019: A Nebraska Reader Notes More Abolishing America In The National Statuary Hall: Chief Standing Bear In, White Males Out

From Dale Gribble [Email him]

Black Democrat state senators in the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature  Justin Wayne (R) and Terrell McKinney (L) propose to replace Nebraska state holiday Arbor Day with Juneteenth [LB29] and establish a new holiday for the birth of black Muslim extremist, Malcolm X [LB 349].

Malcolm X, born Malcolm Little, had quite a colorful career, but is a son of Omaha Nebraska. 

Remember the cucked mob already took down Nebraskan Arbor Day Founder  J.  Sterling Morton’s statue from the Statuary Hall in the National Capitol, and replaced it with a statue of Chief Standing Bear..

The Lincoln Journal Star even ran a story quoting Nebraska Indians thanking the Great Spirit that the Q Shaman mob did not damage our statue of Chief Standing Bear. ['We were praying Standing Bear would not be targeted and he would be unharmed,' by Cindy Lange-Kubick, January 23, 2021]

Remember, taking down statues is an assault on democracy.


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