A Reader Says Dobbs Is Still Completely Reliable On Immigration
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Re: James Fulford's Blog: Lou Dobbs Wobbles On Immigration?

From: A Reader (e-mail him)

Despite Dobbs's comments during interviews, based on what he's said on his radio show I believe he's still completely reliable on immigration. He recently had a woman named Krystal Ball, a Democratic House candidate, on his radio show. Despite claiming to be independent, she mentioned she was in favor of comprehensive immigration reform. Dobbs asked her if she knew the number of new citizens that would be added through chain migration when each newly-legalized "citizen" brought in their relatives. Of course, she had no idea. But I've heard Dobbs talk about this issue other times too. Though I've never heard him call for a moratorium, now that he's away from CNN he'll speak more freely on this issue.

I know it's a huge longshot if he ran for President, but there is a scenario where he would have a chance. Say Arpaio and Hayworth win in Arizona, giving someone like Dobbs the confidence to shoot down the beltway critics who claim being strong on immigration is "fool's gold". The Health Care bill has passed. The economy continues to shed jobs. And most importantly (and I doubt this happens) the Democrats introduce yet another comprehensive immigration reform bill while unemployment is around 12% or whatever. Combine this with a GOP candidate who is weak on immigration and trade, Dobbs would have a shot. He is staunchly anti-war as well which could draw some previous Obama voters. By election time, nothing will have changed for the better in Afghanistan.

I think Dobbs would be a much better leader than Palin, even though she's appealing. I think we need someone who can be an overbearing jerk when dealing with the media who wouldn't be afraid to wield his power in office. I can't think of a Republican politician who'd fit that profile as good as Dobbs.

James Fulford writes: It's depressing thought that even if Lou Dobbs is wobbling, he's better than nine out of ten regular members of either party.

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