A California Reader Implores VDARE.COM Not To Turn Into Fox News
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11/26/09 - A Texas Reader Never Expected To Live In A Hispanic Enclave

From:  The Last One Out (e-mail him)

Re: James Fulford's Blog: Sarah Palin Book Tour

Why is Fulford's blog about Sarah Palin on VDARE.COM?

If I want to hear stuff like his I will turn on Fox News! Fulford's drivel drives people away from your site.

Fulford writes some valuable stuff but his material should be screened before it's posted.

The Last One Out describes himself as a Spanish speaking gringo in an almost all white enclave on the beach in Oxnard. He vows to be one of the last immigration patriots to leave this Alamo.

James Fulford writes: I take it that our reader isn't interested in notices of Palin's book tour because he considers her nothing more than a celebrity. But let me remind him that America is a great country, where a pure celebrity, with even less experience in governance than Governor Palin, can become President of The United States.vAnd if you have to have one of those, it would be better to have one who loves America.

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