A Reader Reports The "Verbal Lynching" Of Arizona Republican Woman Who Spoke The Truth On Immigration
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From: Lake Bluff [Email him]

Did you know there is a town called Snowflake?  And that it is in Arizona, of all places?  And that, a few days ago, a Republican state senator named Sylvia Allen there “said a flood of immigration and low birth rates among whites amid a lack of cultural assimilation mean ‘we're going to look like South American countries very quickly.’"

So she’s no snowflake.  Sadly, another Republican, a primary challenger, also a woman, is.   Wendy Rogers called the comments not just racist but “very racist.”  Perhaps, instead of “whites” the seated Republican should have said “our established genetic cluster.”  

The Honorable Senator Sylvia Allen [Email her] responded:

"Sadly, immigration has become a most contentious issue in our country," she said in one of the posts, mentioning that she supports legal immigration and that her extended family sponsored a Laotian family "and helped them to assimilate into our country."

Later, in a comment on her Facebook post Saturday, she thanked people who spoke in support and added, "Verbal Lynching is the political tool used today to silence debate on critical issues."

Uh, oh.  “Verbal lynching?”  Is that insensitivity or cultural appropriation?  Either way, another candidate for induction into the Honorable Company of Stone-Kickers.


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