A Graduate Of Houston's FORMER Robert E. Lee High School Remembers
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From: A Former Houston Resident [Email him]

I graduated from what was then Robert E. Lee High School in Houston in the late sixties. It was 98 percent white and included students from some of the really affluent areas of southwest Houston. Now it is down to five percent white, 10 percent African-American, 75 percent Hispanic (mostly immigrant) and assorted Third World nationalities.

The “Robert E.” was dropped from the name years ago because it wasn’t deemed politically correct for the student body. They dropped the high school football program in 2003 because none of the immigrants were interested in it.

A school that once produced many National Merit Scholars now has combined verbal and math SAT scores averaging in the low 800s. Maybe it's just as well, I don't think Robert E. Lee would appreciate his name on such a failed cesspool.

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