A Reader Reports The IRS Is Levying His Wages To Pay The Taxes Of An Illegal Alien—Who Has His Social Security Number
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Re: Steve Sailer blog item Puerto Rican Tax Amnesty For Microsoft?

From Reginald De Chantillon [Email him]

I've gotta hand it to  Steve Sailer. Regarding his blog on Microsoft's Puerto Rican Tax Amnesty, excellent work on investigating the malfeasance of our corporate controlled government.

I would like to add that whilst Microsoft is conducting institutional graft for dodging taxes, an illegal alien used my Social Security Number to obtain fraudulent employment in 2002. Since then I've battled the IRS for nine years to have it removed…unsuccessfully. I say unsuccessfully because they've levied my wages periodically over the years on this issue. In fact, they just took 75% of my income as a soldier for the US army last month to pay for the illegal alien's taxes. Indeed, as I read your article, I am on the phone with them for the umpteenth time in an attempt to resolve the issue. I estimate the time the IRS has used to get the measly $6,000 dollars this illegal owed (no picker was he), could've been used to identify Microsoft was hiding several billion dollars in income from the fake Puerto Rican operations alone.

Meanwhile, our Congressmen are talking about the problems of the budget. Apparently, the thought of resolving it by kicking out government appropriated resource using and non-taxpaying illegal aliens e.g. all illegal aliens, ending wage and tax revenue destroying immigration, ending trade policies which destroy our wealth creating assets, and rigorously investigating and auditing corporations for the 1.2 trillion dollars in hidden assets as well as their overseas scams, just doesn't come to mind. Instead, its "kick the elderly out of the hospitals", "severe austerity", "social security is insolvent", "remove lazy non-mortgage paying Americans from their jobs and houses", and eventually elect a new but bankrupted and pliable people is the end objective. Tammany Hall now rules all. I reply: "To the gallows with them all!"

See Reginald De Chantillon's previous letter.

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