A Reader Wonders If Grand Rapids Shooter Rodrick Dantzler's Crimes Will Be Called Hate Crimes
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Re: Takuan Seiyo's article On Tall, Blond, Blue-Eyed Mass Murderers Of Innocent Children, And The Unknowable Suspects In Unfortunate Incidents Elsewhere 

From: An Anonymous Reader [Email him]

I haven't been paying attention to TV here in Michigan, but I haven't seen anything on the web yet referring to these killings as hate crimes. [Michigan gunman Rodrick Dantzler, who shot seven people dead before killing himself, abused Cocaine, By Mike Jaccarino And Corky Siemaszko, NY Daily News, July 08, 2011]

Rodrick Dantzler killed his estranged ex-wife, their daughter, the wife's parents, a former girlfriend, and her sister and daughter. All victims were white except his daughter.

James Fulford writes: As of today, no one is. "Your search - rodrick dantzler hate crime - did not match any documents." One of the victims survived, with two bullets in her arm. See Dantzler Shooting Victim Tells Her Story.[Fox17, July 25, 2011] The writer of this letter actually wrote before  Seiyo's piece was posted, but the reason it's "Re:" that is because Seiyo's piece says:

"Murders of white women by their black husbands, boyfriends, dates or acquaintances are identifiable as such every couple of days in the MSM—which means that many more are not so identifiable. Yet—if judged by the social scene at urban night spots, college quadrangles, commercial ads, TV, film—and crime reports—the attraction of white females to black males seems to be at its peak. Must be the testosterone differential. "

This is something that has to be handled with extreme delicacy, because it makes liberals literally crazy, but this is something for young women in relationships to consider. Also for their parents. It would be very racist to warn your daughter about this kind of thing, but then, she's your daughter.

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