A North Carolina Reader Reports An Anti-Muslim Country Song From Australia
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From: A North Carolina Reader [Email him]

This song ("Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You" about ungrateful Muslim immigrants in Australia) is a top song Down Under

This would never be allowed in the USA or Canada or Europe!

Too bad, because it’s an excellent song. Keep it going.

James Fulford writes: It is an excellent song, in the Australian country music style, but I think it's an amateur production—I'm not sure it would be allowed airplay on Australia radio, because of their stupid hate speech laws.

There is a very similar American song called "Don't Bite The Hand That's Feeding You" dating from 1915, when immigrants were often involved in radical anti-American politics:

Don't Bite the Hand That's Feeding You

Last night, as I lay a sleeping,

A wonderful dream came to me.

I saw Uncle Sammy weeping

For his children from over the sea;

They had come to him, friendless and starving,

When from tyrant's oppression they fled,

But now they abuse and revile him,

Till at last in just anger he said:

If you don't like your Uncle Sammy,

Then go back to your home o'er the sea,

To the land from where you came,

Whatever be its name,

But don't be ungrateful to me!

If you don't like the stars in Old Glory,

If you don't like the Red, White and Blue,

Then don't act like the cur in the story,

Don't bite the hand that's feeding you! [More]



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