A Reader Is Wondering If A Turkish Driver Who Deliberately Ran Down A Woman Is A Terrorist
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From: Anonymous In The Neighborhood [Email him]

The MSM is calling this a "Hit and run". Sounds like  #FakeNews to cover up a terror attack. What kind of evil person runs over an elderly woman TWICE?!

This needs a better look from the powers that be. Every aspect of this story smells rotten. (Isn't Ozcan a Turkish surname?)

The man Fairfax County police say struck a 75-year-old woman twice with his car, killing her, is from Reston.

Kenan M. Ozcan, 31, was arrested Friday afternoon on Fair Ridge Drive in Fairfax after police say he assaulted a woman in a parking lot. Investigating officers noticed front-end damage to his vehicle and connected him with the death of 75-year-old Maria Ascencio earlier that morning.

Police say Ozcan, driving a 2016 Dodge Dart, struck Ascencio at about 10:15 a.m. Friday while she was crossing Rugby Road in the Fair Oaks area of the county. Ozcan then allegedly turned the vehicle around and struck Ascencio a second time before leaving the scene. Police say Ozcan and Ascencio had no prior relationship.

Driver Charged With Intentionally Striking, Killing 75-Year-Old Woman Is From Reston, by Dave Emke, Reston Now, April 17, 2017

James Fulford writes: Yes, Kenan Ozcan is a Turkish name, and while he was apparently educated in the US, saying he's "From Reston" is another kind of #FakeNews, but I don't think this is actually a case of "Vehicular Jihad" of the kind we saw in Nice, Germany, and, earlier in Chapel Hill and San Francisco.

I think he was an immigrant who's a criminal and a madman—there are lot of them, and they're not all Muslims by any means.

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