A Reader Reports That The $PLC Has Stopped Calling Itself A Civil Rights Organization
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From: Richard Keefe [Email him]

With all of the attention the Southern Poverty Law Center has been getting in the press lately over the JONAH fraud suit in New Jersey and the Charleston shootings, I couldn’t help but notice that the term “civil rights organization” had mysteriously dropped from the SPLC’s press releases.

After consulting with the Internet Archives’ marvelous Wayback Machine, we discovered that the SPLC has dropped the term “non-profit civil rights organization” from its Who We Are webpage, sometime around March of 2014.

They're not even going through the motions any longer. They stopped being a civil rights outfit in 1981, when Morris Dees found there was gold in them thar "hate groups" and with more than $302 MILLION dollars in cash on hand, even they cannot call themselves a "non-profit" with a straight face any longer

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