A Reader Reports That Canada's New Young PM Is Dumb Enough To Believe Syrians Will Be An Asset To Canada
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Re: Kevin Michael Grace's article Paul Ryan Presaged: Canada’s Conservative Party Elects a New People—Which In Turn Elects Liberal Party. Duh!

From: A Toronto Reader [Email him]

Here’s the latest from Canada’s new Prime Minister: the idea that Canada will profit from Syrian refugees.

Trudeau to make economic case for taking in refugees at G20 summit

By Bill Curry, The Globe and Mail, November 12, 2015

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will use his first international trip as an opportunity to show other nations there is an economic – as well as humanitarian – case for welcoming large numbers of Syrian refugees.

Less than two weeks after being sworn in as Prime Minister, Mr. Trudeau will participate in a summit of G20 leaders hosted by Turkey, Syria’s northern neighbour that is currently home to more than two million refugees.

Speaking at a news conference in Ottawa ahead of his departure, Mr. Trudeau said he expects Canada’s plan to settle 25,000 Syrian refugees this year will have a greater impact in terms of setting an example to others.

“I think one of the things that is most important right now is for a country like Canada to demonstrate how to make accepting large numbers of refugees not just a challenge or a problem, but an opportunity; an opportunity for communities across this country, an opportunity to create growth for the economy,” he said.[More]

This is depressing. Will anybody challenge him on this? Will Canada’s Conservative Party? Will the media? What about the unions? Not likely.

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