A Reader Remembers The FDNY Memorial That Was Cancelled Because It Was Too White
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Re:Steve Sailer's blog post Google’s Veterans Day Doodle: Women And Minorities Front And Center

From: An Anonymous White American [Email him]

Steve Sailer writes, re the Google Doodle for  Veteran's Day, 2015

Is the man in the second row waving to say, “Hey, there are white guys in the military, too”? Or is he saying, “I’m actually Filipino; it’s the pale faceless folks in the third row who are the white men who do most of the fighting and dying”?

There's one guy who initially looks white, but I think he's East Asian.

This kind of reminds me of the World Trade Center Fireman Memorial when they wanted to replace all the white firemen in the sculpture with diversity.

James Fulford writes: The plan was to make a statue of the flag-raising, but instead of the guys who actually raised the flag, they'd have one white, one black and one Hispanic. When people complained, they cancelled the statue.

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