A Reader Reports Multicultural Nationalism In Scotland
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From: Martin Kelly in  Glasgow, Scotland

The new Scottish Parliament was sworn in May 9th. The Scottish National Party has claimed the trophy of selecting the first ethnic Pakistani to be elected to the Parliament since it was reinstituted in 1999; a gentleman named Bashir Ahmad.

Ahmad swore his oath of office not in English, but Urdu -

Two thirds of the Scottish Parliament are elected according to 'first past the post', while the remaining third are elected according to a form of proportional representation. Ahmad is a PR candidate, and achieved a high ranking on the SNP 'List' for Glasgow after a surge in applications for SNP membership among Glasgow Asian's 'community' -

In Scotland we also have state funded denominational education, and immediately after his election Ahmad said,

"...a school for the children of Muslim parents in Scotland was one of his main goals." – [First Asian MSP goes to Holyrood, BBC, May 4, 2007]

Last year, in furtherance of his cause he staged a walkout from a Mass

We live in interesting times.

Martin Kelly is a Glasglow blogger who may or may not be blogging at any time. Read his terrific article for Vdare.com here.

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