An Environmentalist Reader Says The  Bush Administration Is Deliberately Building Border Fence In Worst Possible Places To Cause Problems For Americans
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From: An Anonymous Environmentalist

U.S. town opposes "Big Brother" Mexico border fence

Reuters, May 16, 2007

Residents of the community are particularly concerned about one 98-foot-(30-meter-)tall tower topped with cameras and radar that will be placed just south of the town, which lies about 12 miles from the border.

"Why are they doing it here and not at the border? It's horrifying, it makes no sense," said Melissa Murray, a gallery owner from nearby Tubac.

They're starting in the places where they will provoke the most opposition. In Southeast  Texas, they plan to destroy rare wildlife habitat in Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge to build the fence through it. The fence could easily be built around the reserve, but in the case of Santa Ana, they say the fence has to be at the border, unlike the case of Arivaca, AZ, where the fence has to pass through the town 12 miles from the border. Since it won't be a complete border fence, I would rather not build it at all than destroy Santa Ana for a Maginot Line.

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