A Reader Reports Immigration Devouring Its Liberal Parents!
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A Reader Reveals Rand Was A Restrictionist!

From:  Brenda Walker

In response to your anticipation ("Why Is Hijacking An Airliner Worse...") of Mexicans someday tossing out their liberal lackeys—it is already underway.

MALDEF is suing to redistrict loyal pal Rep Howard Berman out of a job. Why have a liberal when you can get a real Mexican, they figure. Berman appeared genuinely surprised that all that pandering has gotten him nada:

"For 30 years in public office, I have not merely voted for but have led the legislative battles to enact issues of importance to the Latino community. I guess for MALDEF, it's more about skin color and ethnicity than the philosophy and the quality of representation."

More stupid Democrat tricks—ordering tuna sandwiches in Spanish, various amusing cat-fights—here...

California divided  By Carl M. Cannon

Brenda Walker,
Berkeley, CA

Brenda Walker is the editor of Limitstogrowth.org

March 12, 2002

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