A Reader Reports "Black Youths Pushing The Limits" In Confrontations With Police—Inspired By Trayvon Martin Publicity
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From: Grey Stalwart [Email him]

The video in this story shows black youth pushing the limits—Trayvon Martin inspired. Note that the "intervening" youth places his hands on the security guard, thereby committing assault. [Walmart guard pulls out Taser during confrontation with teens | Off-duty law enforcement officer heard on cellphone video threatening teens, Click2Houston.com, March 30 2012 ]The guard shows superior judgment and restraint. This video demonstrates how events can change in milli-seconds.

Definitive lesson of the Martin/Zimmerman incident (intended for all and race neutral): In a confrontation, first and foremost eliminate and/or avoid the mistake(s) that can get you killed.

 I don't know the criminal history in and around this Walmart store, but I would assume the guard was not filling in for an absent greeter at the door.

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James Fulford writes: I’m not siding with the officer here, since what he was not investigating a crime, but trying to stop the teens from taking videos, including videos of him. The police do this all the time to white people, too.

The reader has a valid  point that black teens are going to refuse to cooperate with police in any way, for any reason, more than they do already, because of this publicity surrounding the Trayvon Martin case, and that’s going to lead to more problems. That’s why Steve Sailer recently suggested

[T]he possibility that the long-running war on white racism jumped the shark some time ago into negative marginal returns and is now causing more murder than it prevents by firing up hotheads…

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