Google News: "Trayvon" and "Omar Thornton"
March 30, 2012, 04:51 PM
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Google News is a great tool for quantifying the Narrative. 

If you type in in "Trayvon Martin," you get 34,700 results. So, that`s our baseline.

Type in "Emmett Till" and you get 430 hits.

Type in "James Byrd" and you get 146 hits.

Type in "Omar Thornton" and you get ... 1:

Omar Thornton: "I Killed the Five Racists" - Crimesider - CBS

Aug 3, 2010 – Suspect Called Family After Massacre Read more by Kevin Hayes on CBS News` Crimesider.

Actually, it was not five but eight white men that Thornton murdered and then charged with racism in his call to 911, but who can remember that far back? That was over a year and a half ago. When the Attorney General asks to hold a national conversation about race and racism, this is not what he wants to talk about: the possibility that the long-running war on white racism jumped the shark some time ago into negative marginal returns and is now causing more murder than it prevents by firing up hotheads like Omar.