Google News: "Trayvon" and "Omar Thornton"
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Google News is a great tool for quantifying the Narrative. 

If you type in in "Trayvon Martin," you get 34,700 results. So, that's our baseline.

Type in "Emmett Till" and you get 430 hits.

Type in "James Byrd" and you get 146 hits.

Type in "Omar Thornton" and you get ... 1:

Omar Thornton: "I Killed the Five Racists" - Crimesider - CBS

Aug 3, 2010 – Suspect Called Family After Massacre Read more by Kevin Hayes on CBS News' Crimesider.

Actually, it was not five but eight white men that Thornton murdered and then charged with racism in his call to 911, but who can remember that far back? That was over a year and a half ago. When the Attorney General asks to hold a national conversation about race and racism, this is not what he wants to talk about: the possibility that the long-running war on white racism jumped the shark some time ago into negative marginal returns and is now causing more murder than it prevents by firing up hotheads like Omar.

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