A Reader Reports Ann Coulter HAS Called For An Immigration Moratorium
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Re: James Fulford's Labor Day Column No Jobs For Labor Day In Obama's America

From: Carson Brewer [Email him]

James Fulford wrote

"And it seems that no one is talking about an immigration moratorium but us. (And David Frum, believe it or not.)"

Ann Coulter suggested a moratorium on immigration while appearing on the Larry Kudlow Show last week.  She was quickly pooh-poohed by the other panelists and gave up without a fight but she did mention it.

Over the last few years I have heard CNBC's Jim Cramer and Rick Santelli mention immigration as a problem once each. There is definitely a ban on mentioning immigration in a negative way at CNBC.
James Fulford writes: The Patriot Report quotes Ann Coulter as saying

“How about we do this: repeal minimum wage, repeal unemployment insurance, have no more immigration — I haven’t finished. You’re not going to, neither of you are going to like this part. No more immigration, legal or otherwise, of low-wage workers.”

“We’ll have high school kids working,” she gushed. “We’ll have people who have never worked before. It is a fantastic idea.”

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