A California Reader Appreciates Our New Logo
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From: Mark Mallarde [Email him]

The logo with the sapling(right) is very appealing and takes the edge off some of the more charged (i.e. Sailer) columns you publish.

I suggest that you try to incorporate it into the "VDARE.com" design in the upper left of the page so that it is more prominently displayed.

See previous Mark Mallarde letters.

James Fulford  writes: I kind of like the new logo, but then, I liked the old logo too. Both represent a white doe, based on the legend of Virginia Dare. The previous logo, of the head of a  deer, at least once evoked the following weird reaction:

VDARE.com writer Thomas Allen: did you look at the site?

Answer: I called it up at work and up popped this white head, sort of like a Nazi site. I got off right away because I didn't want to get into trouble at work.

This is just weird. As far as I know, the Nazis were not big on deer. But we're not trying to take the edge off, just making it sharper.

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